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Jumat, 30 Desember 2011

All About Chocolate

This is topic that I choose for my paper on YPIA final exam

How Can Chocolate Affect Our Brain ?

Before decided about this, I choose about reforestation. But my friend said that it is too standard and give me another choice, about chocolate. After I think and find some references, I make this title. How can chocolate affect our brain?

coincides with that, my friend turned to me with some of chocolates and inquired if indeed it was true that chocolate makes a person happy. "It has something to do with endorphins in the brain, right?" she asked me. Intrigued, I got to thinking and decided to find out more about chocolate.

Chocolate is a sweet food (sometimes little bit bitter) which produced from the fruit of the tropical tree, called Theobroma cacao. It is processed by some different processes, and also some additional ingredients which is added to make various types of chocolate. Such as white chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate and other flavours. 

Nowadays, chocolate is not a bitter beverage anymore. But it becomes popular because of its processed, flavours, delicious, and addictive taste.

Therefore, not surprising if some persons assume that chocolate is special gift to someone because it is a symbol of love too. Not only that, they give chocolate to people who are sick, to give a birthday greeting, to gift for gift exchange and also as medicine to treat stomach problems, fatigue, reducing fever and many other diseases.

Because of its uniqueness, many people make more creation from chocolate. 
Look this pict which I get them from another blog >>

<just from the cover. But look inside, it is a choco>

<wow! it's so suprising. However, we know that choco can damage our teeth, right?>

<becarefull with this shoes. I think to eat them before the shoes are melt. It's a delicious shoes. haha>

Okay, it's enough.

Actually, I don’t really like to eat sweet food like chocolate. But, when someone give me a chocolate bar (not a cake with cream chocolate), I will eat it with pleasure unless there are other options so that made me choose other than chocolate, for example: the salty one, a cheese... hmm yummy :))

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Syifa Azz mengatakan...

jangan2 kalo aku pake CloseUp itu ntar malah dijadiin cemilan deh LOL

Nick Salsabiila mengatakan...

wow...I love chocolate too...
but I never know about chocolate toothpaste...hahaha :D

Wina Zhonniwa mengatakan...

wah, mbak2nya suka coklat yang toothpaste ya? monggo di coba, kayaknya emang enak sih. ati2 di rubung semut :)) hahaha

Demi setapak print foot

Duri-duri di jalan selalu saja bertebaran tiada habisnya. Menginjaknya adalah suatu kesalahan yang lebih disayangkan. Tapi berterima kasihlah banyak2 kepada mereka yang menyapu jalanan, menyelamatkan dengan solusi tanpa banyak cakap :' *your fellow*

Beloved akhi wa ukhti