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Sabtu, 21 April 2012

Drama "Twin Dwarfs"

This teks was made by My desk mate and some of my group's friends. In our class, we have two options, there are dama or make a film. And now we'll make one of them. I hope it looks awesome at the end.

Just a Script >> The film is coming soon =3
Wait and see it later.

Red Dwarfs       : Pranakristi
Green dwarf      : Mahezha A
Jane                  : Anindya
Anna                 : Huwayna
Father               : Fariz (also as narator)
Women             : Mahanani
Big Boss           : Kristanti
School Police    : Elok Amanda

One upon a time there are twin dwarfs, they’re red and green who live in village. They live with their father. Even though they’re twin, their characters and personality are different. green is kind, tidy, neat, smart, diligent, but he is selfish. In the other side the red is lazy, naughty and messy but he is care with others.
one day, the green want to go to speech contest in the city, so he prepare his best performance.

(Green looks busy)
Red      : where are you going?
Green   : I want to go to speech contest in the city, if I win it I will get scholarship in London.
Red      : hmmm.. ok, I wish you get it. (Indifferent)
Green   : yaa.. so I’ll never see you anymore.
Red      : why??? (a little suprised)
Green   : because you’re my worst brother and I hate you!!
Red      : ok, fine!! (Red get angry)

Red        : Daddy, I have to join outdoor class today!
Dad        : Where?
Red        : In the city. Now, I need your signature on this letter.
Dad        : mm.. okay. Done! (he didn’t read the explanation, so he didn’t know if his son lied)

-The father go to the office-
Green     : You’re are a liar, bro!
Red        : I’m not a liar. Just think smart!
Green     : Well.. well.. well.. I’m sure school police will catch you!
Red        : Never!!!

<In the city>
-Green sit on a bench inside the park. He read his text. After 15 minutes, he put the note inside his bag-
Woman   : Sorry sir, Are you from this city?
Green      : No. I come from a village and I want to join speech contest. (he looks on his watch) okay, I  have to go now. Because it will start 7 hours from now. Bye!
Woman   : Ok. Good luck :)
(Green takes the woman’s bag and walk away)
Woman   : God damn it, It isn’t mine! He bought my bag!

[] [] [] [] []

-Red see the concert in the city and school police looking for him. But, Red run and run again. So the school police try more to catch him-
School Police : Hey you!! I know, you’re the fugitive that escape today! I will catch you I’ll take you to the headmaster.
Red           : Never! I say, Never!!! (he scream to the police and run faster)

<In Drug Mafia’s HQ>
Big Boss   : Hey, why do you come back? Have you distributed... You know what? (whispering)
Woman    : I’m so sorry madam. I lost my bag, and “you know what?” in my bag too, ma’am.
Big Boss   : What an Idiot, damn! How stupid you are! You must find that bag for 24 hours from now! Or I’ll fire you!
Woman    : But, I don’t know where it is! (she looks despair)
(The big boss glares, looks so angry)

[] [] [] [] []
School Police : Hey, you!!!
(Red run again and crash with someone)
Red           : Watch your step!
(Anna just look at Red and feel so surprise. But Red stunned)
Red           : Ehm.. Ehm.. emm.. I’m sorry, I’m in a Hurry! Oh hey, I’m Red.
Anna         : I’m Anna. What are you doing?
School Police : Hey, you!! I’ll catch you!!
Red           : Please help me! She wants to catch me and I don’t want to be jailed in a school jail.
Anna         : Okay, come on!
                    Oh god! I have to go now. Hope see you again. Bye! (walked away with a hurry)

[] [] [] [] []

Green      : (open his bag) Oh, damn! Where is my note? It is lost? No, no, no.. it isn’t in my bag!
                    Oh god, It is not my bag! Where is my bag? Oh no, my note! (green throw the bag)
Woman   : Ha.. ha.. ha.. I catch you! (screaming)
(Green run away)
Woman   : Hey!!
(Green crash with jane)
Green      : Help me! Help me, please!! There is someone chase me!
Jane         : come on, follow me!

[] [] [] [] []

(Big Boss calling...)
Big Boss   : How about the bag?
Woman    : I almost had it, madam.
(tut, tut, tut.. call ended)

-In the other place, while Green and Jane are hiding-
Green     : Thank you. I’m green. What’s your name?
Jane       : Jane
               You look bad. What happened?
Green    : I’m so tired today.
            First, my brother make me angry. And now I want to go to speech contest. Mm, for that, I need my note. But it was lost. Now, I’m chased by someone and I don’t know who she is.
Jane       : When must you perform your speech?
Green    : 4 hours from now. I need your help to find my note! I can’t win without my note.

[] [] [] [] []

Green      : Hey, that’s my bag! Give it to me!
Woman   : Now, where is my bag?
Green     : Just give it to me!
Woman   : Never ever! Give my bag first!
Green      : But, I can’t! Because it was lost!!
Woman   : Lost? Go to hell!
                 I’ll be there an hour later, in contest speech. You should bring mine back!
Green      : Shit!
(Woman go ahead)

- suddenly, Green and Jane meet Red when they are looking for the bag-
Green     : Red?
Red        : Green? (almost the same time)
Red        : What happened to you?
Green     : I don’t know what to say, but, you have to help me!
Red        : What for?
Green     : I lost my bag, and of course my note.
Red        : Stupid! How can you lost it?!
Green    : Shut up, if you won’t help me!
  (Red walk away with careless)

[] [] [] [] []

(The woman looking for her bag by her self)
Woman     : Thanks god! My bag! (She found it)
Red           : It is green’s bag? I have to get it!
Woman     : Oh no again! No! This is my bag!
Red           : You lie, it’s my brother’s bag!
Woman     : No!! It’s mine! And it’s your brother’s! (she give green’s bag to red dwarf)

[] [] [] [] []

-when red going to return green’s bag he meet Anna-
Red        : Anna?
Anna      : Hey, nice to meet you
Red        : Nice to meet you too
Anna      : Okay, My job was done. So, now, What can I help for you?
Red        : I should return my brother’s bag. Okay, follow me.

[] [] [] [] []

Green    : What can I do without my note! (grumble)
Jane      : I believe you can. You just must believe with your self, and get more confident!
Green    : No, I can’t. My note is my soul!
Jane       : Trust me, You can do it!
(go to the speech contest podium)

-Red and green on the way-
And than... *ciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttt* (Crash)
Red                : Let us help her. Oh god, you??!!!!
School Police : No,, no,, no,, I won’t catch you because actually you are a kind, and now you save my life. I just wanna say, thank you so much.
Anna               : Red, we must go now and return the bag!
Red                 : okay. Bye madam!

[] [] [] [] []

-Green goes on podium-
Jane       : Green!! You can do it!
Green    : Wish me luck Jane.
-on a podium-
Green    : Ehm, ehm...
(green look someone in the audience stage, waving a paper and try to walk to the podium)
(Green feel speechless)
-Red in a Podium-
Red        : Good morning everyone, someone who will talk in front of you (point to Green) is a great person which is having a great struggle for the towards to this city, to this stage. In my sight, he is a greatest brother in my life. So, Ladies and Gentleman, Please welcome.. Green...!!
(applause) (Red goes down)
Green    : Ehm.. Ehm.. *SKIP*

[] [] [] [] []

(Big Boss as a jury of the speech contest)
Big Boss : And the first place... is... Green, from “Incredible” village
Red        : Your dream becomes true. And now you get scholarship in London. Congratulation! (shake hands)
Green     : I won’t go. I’ll stay with you and our daddy. Because you’re all I have and all I need. (Big Hug)


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